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Tata Adlaw is a Babaylan and Reiki Master living in the Philippines. He received his gift of precognition when he was 7 years old and have had paranormal experiences since then. Fortunately, he found the courage to understand his abilities and experiences through research and self-study. This gives him the opportunity to use his psychic abilities to help others achieve enlightenment. He was also lucky to received legitimate initiations to become a Reiki Master and Babaylan. He is now enjoying his life with his family and using these gifts for the greater good.

Authentic Psychic / Tarot Reader in the Philippines

Do you want to know what the future holds for you? Are you in need of direction? Do you need to talk to a professional psychic or tarot reader in Metro Manila who can help you find the answers to your questions? I am here for you!

What is Tarot Reading?

A Tarot card reading is simply a consultation between the querent and the reader, where the reader answers the questions of the querent by interpreting the Tarot cards.

In a Tarot Reading session, I am receiving messages from my Guides to answer your questions. During the reading, you may ask questions about your love life, your health, family and career. I usually give advice on how you can improve your life by offering you some ideas on how to address your current issues. My goal as a Psychic Reader is to help you achieve the enlightenment and peace of mind that you deserve.

In-Person Tarot Reading

I am not accepting home service and meet ups. You can go to my place in Bacoor, Cavite to have a reading from me. If this is not convenient for you, you may want to opt for a tarot reading via email (← click the link for more info).

I charge ₱500.00 for a 30-minute tarot reading session which includes a general reading, the answers to 10 questions and a free Reiki healing session.

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