gayuma rituals

Review: I see some positive changes in my husband.

My client was caught by her husband talking to her ex. That became the reason why her husband no longer wanted to stay with her. However, we were able to intervene through a love ritual (gayuma). The client saw significant improvements in her husband's behavior a week after the ritual was performed.

English Translation: I see some changes in him. Just a few minutes ago, I talked to him on the phone and he apologized because I didn't listen to him when he told me not to bring the car to where I went. He spoke gently and said it was okay. Before I ended the call, I said I love you and he responded with "okay, I love you too, bye."

He also hugs me and holds my hands. We have been sleeping beside each other since Sunday until now. I haven't done anything to make him angry. He always cares for me.

We also often joke around. He mentioned my house transfer but he changed the timing. Last time, he said it would be at the end of ***, but now he said we'll move to the new house with the kids.

I feel light and at ease. I just follow everything you said and the program.

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