Love Spells / Gayuma sa Pag-ibig

Recommended if:

☀ You want to attract an ideal partner.

☀ You want to get your ex back.

☀ You want to attract a specific person.

Protection Rituals

Recommended if:

☀ A person is sending you death threats or you have a hint that he/she will do something that will put your life in danger.

☀ You have a job that can be full of potential dangers (best for lawyers and law enforcers).

☀ You want to be protected from witchcraft, evil eye and malevolent spirits.

Money Rituals

Recommended if:

☀ You want to recover from a financial loss.

☀ You want to attract a job or any income generating activity that will boost your cash flow.

☀ You want to expand your business.

☀ You want to increase the chances of getting a salary increase.

Tarot Reading

This includes:

☀ General reading for love, money, career, and health

☀ Answers to 10 questions

☀ Free long-distance energy healing

Numerology Reading

Recommended if:

☀ You want to understand yourself more and discover your unique talents and strengths.

☀ You want to see upcoming challenges and opportunities so you can make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

Batak Dungan

A person's dungan (soul) becomes weak, or lost when he/she goes through a traumatic experience, is cursed, or a malevolent spirit stole it from him/her. When this happens, he/she will be prone to never-ending sickness, and misfortunes.

I, as a Babaylan (a.k.a. Filipino Shaman), will perform a traditional offering ritual to retrieve the lost dungan, and strengthen it. This way the patient can withstand any illnesses, and spiritual attacks.

Recommended Products

Recommended Products
This gayuma love potion is very effective in rekindling a relationship, or attracting a man or woman.

With our love-drawing ritual kit, you can easily attract a man/woman of your desire, or save a broken relationship.

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