Babaylan Tata Adlaw is a psychic, spell caster, and healer living in the Philippines. He reads Tarot, heal, and performs rituals for love (gayuma), money luck, and protection against witchcraft and evil spirits since 2009. If you need his help, just click the service button you need below.


Love Spell-Casting

Babaylan Adlaw offers love spell-casting services to help those on a lonely journey towards love. He can help you attract an ideal partner, get your ex back, or even attract a specific person. Babaylan Adlaw's spells are tailored to your unique situation and designed to bring you the results you desire. He uses effective techniques and takes great care to ensure his spells are safe and ethical. Let Babaylan Adlaw help you find the love you deserve. Contact him today to start your journey towards love and happiness.


Protection Rituals

Babaylan Adlaw offers powerful protection rituals that are designed to keep you safe from harm. Whether you're facing physical danger, spiritual threats, or both, Babaylan Adlaw's protection rituals are tailored to your unique needs.

If you're receiving death threats or have reason to believe that your life is in danger, Babaylan Adlaw's protection rituals can help shield you from harm. These services are especially recommended for those in high-risk professions, such as lawyers and law enforcers, who face potential danger on a regular basis.

Babaylan Adlaw also offers spiritual protection from witchcraft, evil eye, and malevolent spirits. His rituals are designed to ward off negative energies and keep you safe from harm. Contact Babaylan Adlaw today to learn more about his protection ritual services and start your journey towards safety and security.


Money-Drawing Rituals

Babaylan Adlaw offers money-drawing rituals designed to help you recover from financial loss, attract new income opportunities, expand your business, and increase your chances of getting a salary increase.

If you're struggling with financial difficulties, Babaylan Adlaw's money-drawing rituals can help remove negative energies and blockages that may be holding you back. His services can also help you attract new job opportunities and increase your cash flow.

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to grow your business or an employee hoping for a salary increase, Babaylan Adlaw's money-drawing rituals can help boost your chances of success. Contact Babaylan Adlaw today to learn more about his money rituals and start manifesting the financial abundance you deserve.


Road Opener for Success Ritual

Babaylan Adlaw offers a powerful ritual to help you achieve success in crucial areas of your life. Whether it's passing exams, acing interviews, obtaining visa approvals, or winning legal cases, he can provide the guidance you need to conquer challenges and embrace victory. Let him assist you in unlocking the path to your dreams.


Banishing Ritual

Babaylan Adlaw offers a unique service for individuals facing challenges with someone negatively impacting their mental well-being or safety. If you find yourself in such a situation, they provide a banishing ritual aimed at removing the troubling person from your life and preventing them from causing further harm.


Tarot Card Reading

Are you seeking guidance on your love life, career, health or finances? Babaylan Adlaw's tarot reading service can help you gain insights and clarity about your present and future. The session includes a general reading for love, money, career, and health, along with the opportunity to ask up to 10 specific questions. In addition, clients can benefit from a complimentary long-distance energy healing session to help balance and restore their energy. Connect with Babaylan Adlaw to discover what the universe has in store for you and receive guidance on how to navigate life's challenges.


Yearly Predictions

Get your personalized yearly forecast report with Babaylan Adlaw. This report gives you valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities you will face in the coming year. With this report, you can prepare for what's ahead, so you can overcome obstacles and maximize your opportunities. The report will cover the events from your current birthday until your next birthday, giving you ample time to act on the information. It is recommended that you get this report at least a month before your next birthday to gain the most benefit. Start your year with clarity and purpose by getting your personalized yearly forecast report today with Babaylan Adlaw.


Batak Dungan

Batak Dungan is a traditional healing ritual performed by Babaylan Adlaw to retrieve a person's lost dungan (soul) and strengthen it. Traumatic experiences, curses, or malevolent spirits can cause the soul to become weak or lost, resulting in never-ending sickness and misfortunes. With this service, the patient can withstand illnesses and spiritual attacks, regaining their strength and vitality. As a Filipino Shaman, Babaylan Adlaw will perform the necessary rituals and offerings to retrieve and strengthen the patient's dungan.


30-Day Distance Reiki Healing

The 30-day distance Reiki healing service is designed for individuals recovering from serious illnesses, recent surgeries, or experiencing recurrent depression and anxiety. The service involves a daily session of distance Reiki healing performed for 30 consecutive days. The service is conducted remotely, and patients can participate from the comfort of their own homes.

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