Review: We are officially in a relationship.

As you can see, the love ritual (gayuma) manifested after 7 months, which is longer than the timeframe I gave her (6 months). This happened because the girl's "dungan" (soul) is so strong. A person like this is not easily influenced by magic. However, with the help of my benevolent spiritual guides, the rituals that took a month to complete have materialized. Please note that this ritual did not control the target to have feelings for the subject, but rather enhanced the feelings that she already had for her.

English Translation:

March 13, 2022: I met her here at ***. We became good friends last year because we also worked together. We both developed feelings for each other, but none of us admitted it at first. It was only last month that we talked about it and confessed. However, the problem is that she doesn't want a formal relationship because she has been hurt before, so there's some fear and she says that her feelings for me are not 100% compared to how I feel about her. She is also focused on a personal goal, which is why it's like that. For now, we're still friends, but we're also friends with benefits because something is happening between us. The only thing missing is for her to formally ask me to be her girlfriend. I hope you can help me make her fall in love with me even more and hopefully ask me to be her girlfriend.

October 7, 2022: It's late, but I just want to update you that we're officially in a relationship. We've become closer and really got to know each other. Thank you. I want to avail your other services next time, particularly regarding finances.

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