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How do I Choose the Right Psychic in the Philippines?

People who consult psychics usually do so because they feel vulnerable. In such situations there are some psychics out there that can take advantage of them to earn some quick money.

A client of mine said that a psychic offered her to lift a curse that someone has cast on her for a large amount of money. I didn't doubt the psychic’s ability but I think that it’s really unfair to charge someone such amount of money. When I heard about it, I just reprogrammed her mind into believing that no curse could harm her.

Eventually, she conquered her fears and living a positive life now. I didn't even have to do a ritual to remove the curse because I was sure that she just created it.

Here are several things you need to look out when when you are looking for a psychic in the Philippines:

An ethical psychic aims to empower you.

They are able to see the causes of your current situation, the lessons you should learn and the challenges you have yet to face. They will not just tell you that “you have been a very bad person that’s why you deserve a miserable life.” They are willing to listen and give advice without judging you. They can help you think what works best for you so you can deal with your current situation.

An ethical psychic does not impose solutions, and instead offers options to solve your problems.

If you are vulnerable, you may be tempted to consult a tarot reader who promises to give solutions to your problems. Avoid psychics who dictate you what to do. They can only offer options to solve your problems, but they should not impose on you to entrust your future to them.

An ethical psychic knows when not read and when not to.

There are times that psychics can’t forecast the future. It’s normal. If they have a bad day, it’s hard for them to connect with their intuitive abilities. So, if you want a reading from a psychic refuses and tells you that they can't do it, please do not become upset with them.

An ethical psychic feeds you with positive thoughts and feelings.

There are psychics who use scare tactics to sell their other services. They would tell you that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you and he or she needs to cast a spell to stop it. Don’t fall into this trap!

Avoid psychics who magnify the negativity in your life and take advantage of it. The main goal of a psychic should be to release you from your negative thoughts and feelings that are holding you back, and offer you solutions on how to positively deal with them.

An ethical psychic charges a fair price for their services.

You should understand that they deserve the right to charge a fair amount for their services because they, too, have bills to pay. It's reasonable for a professional psychic in the Philippines to charge between ₱500 and ₱1000 for a tarot reading.
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