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Review: Grateful for your help and your willingness to listen.

She has been a regular client of mine since 2017, and what she said about herself being extremely negative back then is indeed true. Nevertheless, I never gave up on her until she let go of her negative attitude and perception. The Tarot reading and spiritual healing sessions I conducted for her have greatly helped.

English Translation: I realize how toxic and desperate I was then, it's quite overwhelming. Your patience with me was extraordinary, you consistently replied to my messages and offered me advice. I can't believe the amount of negativity I radiated towards you. I'm extremely grateful for your help and your willingness to listen and understand me. I have so many friends who were in the same situation as I was back then. But the most important lesson I've learned to move on is... to forgive myself and forgive the people who have wronged and hurt me. I'm always thankful to you.

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