Review: Our friendship was restored.

Five months had passed when the reconciliation spell I performed for these friends yielded positive results. The reason our wait was prolonged was because there were many people trying to influence the target. I had to remove their influence on the target for the ritual to work.

English Translation:

January 11, 2022: My closest friend is April, but currently, she seems to be upset with me for reasons I do not quite understand. Our friendship has been invaded by many other friends to the point that there are a lot of people meddling and whispering all sorts of things. I'm waiting for your reading about our situation. I just want to restore our friendship, especially now that we are living in the same compound. I would like to know your reading and if it is still possible to return to the friendship we once had. I love her as a sibling and I also want to know if there really is a plan to ruin our friendship.

June 15, 2022: Thank you so much for the prayers you made for my friend and me. Everything turned out well and our friendship was restored. Thank you very much. However, those people who did wrong and tried to ruin us are still around and they continue to do unfavorable things. But we are okay again, and we hope that this continues.

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