Powerful Love Spells to Bring an Ex Back

I am Tata Adlaw, a Babaylan who can help you bring back your former partner through love rituals or gayuma (lumay). I will perform this by offering food and drinks to my benevolent spirit guides. It will take a month to ensure the longevity of its effectiveness.

Before filling out the form below, you should know that I also refuse requests, especially if they have bad intentions. I will not accept if the cards show that the ritual cannot help solve the love problem.

Visit this link to read the answers to questions about my love rituals: https://www.babaylanadlaw.com/p/effective-love-spells-philippines.html


After completing the form below, check your email. If you cannot find my response in your inbox, look in the spam folder. If you still haven't received anything after 5 minutes, email babaylanadlaw@gmail.com or send an SMS at +63 992 905 8252.

If you can't see the form, please go to this link: https://forms.gle/GyKSf2h1mrqQJ1Ce9

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