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Tata Adlaw is a Babaylan and Reiki Master living in the Philippines. He received his gift of precognition when he was 7 years old and have had paranormal experiences since then. Fortunately, he found the courage to understand his abilities and experiences through research and self-study. This gives him the opportunity to use his psychic abilities to help others achieve enlightenment. He was also lucky to received legitimate initiations to become a Reiki Master and Babaylan. He is now enjoying his life with his family and using these gifts for the greater good.

Effective Love Spells (Gayuma) in the Philippines

Love Spell Casting Services

Sweetening a Relationship Spell - to take a friendly relationship to the next level or increase intimacy in a relationship.

Reconciliation Spell - to win a lover back after you hurt him or her.

Return a Lost Lover Spell - to give an ended relationship a second chance.

Breakup Spell - to break an unhealthy relationship or separate your lover and the trespasser (third party).

Love Binding Spell - to bind lovers together to stabilize their relationship.

Detachment Spell - to release you from obsession with a person who can’t reciprocate your love.

Please fill out the form below if you want me to help you. I am going to evaluate your situation first through a short reading before I cast a love spell for you. Please wait for my email within a week.


Before you do so, please make sure you read the FAQs below so you can fully understand how this works.

I am also offering Do-it-yourself Love Spell and Love Potion


Q: How do love spells work?

A: I've been a spell-caster for more than a decade now and my experiences have helped me developed a broad perspective on how love spells work.

I am handling a lot of clients who want their ex-lover back but I only choose to work with some of them. I understand that everyone deserves help but this is not applicable in spell-casting. Before casting a spell, I require my clients to undergo a short reading (this is free) first for us to know the pros and cons of doing so. If it’s not favorable to conduct a ritual, then I will honestly tell them the consequences and I will give them another option, like a ritual for detachment or healing.

I understand that magic can’t really control one’s emotions and will. It can only influence a situation or event to open doors of opportunities for the manifestation to take place. Let’s say a girl wants to bring her ex-boyfriend back to her but the boy doesn't love her anymore. If she insists to use magic to win him back, she would only get his attention but she would definitely not be able to regain his love.

In my experience, I can say that magic can be best used to enhance an existing relationship and to attract a new lover, not to manipulate someone to love you. We can also use this to return a long-lost love, only if there’s no manipulation involved, the feeling is still mutual and we are not hurting someone in the process.

Q: How long does it take for a love spell to manifest?

A: It depends on the situation. There are spells that would only take a month to manifest. In my experience, this usually happens to newly separated couples. But for those clients who are separated from their partners for more than a month, the realistic timeframe would be three months to even a year. A reading can tell us how much time do we have to wait for a spell to work.

Q: What if I want to attract a man/woman but he/she doesn't know me?

A: In my experience, attracting a stranger through a love spell is really impossible. It's because magic also complies with the law of nature. Therefore, if you want to make a man/woman fall in love with you with the help of a spell, he/she should at least know you.

Q: Is love spell exclusive for heterosexual type of relationship?

A: No. Love spells also work miracles for homosexuals.

Q: Is it safe?

A: If your intention is pure, you don't have to worry about the consequences. But if you just want your ex-lover to return to you because you want to get even with him/her, I am sorry because I can't help you. You should look for a spell caster who's willing to do that dirty work for you.

Q: Do I have to do anything after you cast the spell?

A: I will give you a program that you will have to follow while we are waiting for the result. The goal of the program is to help you stay positive and calm so you can deal with your situation from the right perspective.

Q: Do I have to go to your place during the ritual?

A: No, as long as I have your and the subject's full name, date of birth and recent photos (sent to my email).

Q: How much do you charge for a love spell?

A: I cannot disclose the fee here but don't worry because it's reasonable. Please EMAIL ME for the exact details.

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