Effective Love Spells (Mabisang Gayuma sa Pag-ibig) in the Philippines

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My spiritual name is Babaylan Adlaw but you can call me Adlaw. I’ve been in this craft for more than a decade. A lot of people are asking for my help to return a lost lover, to punish a home wrecker, to make them attractive to their desired man/woman, and to improve their existing relationship. 


I always conduct a psychic reading (this is free) first to know if a person is worthy of my help. I want to make sure that the ritual will not affect innocent people. This way I can protect my own karma and of others. 

What do you want me to do (click on your petition below)?

I want my former lover to come back to me.

I want to my partner to stop cheating on me.

I want my partner to love me the way he/she used to before.

I want to attract a specific person.

I want to make our relationship long lasting and stronger.

I want to attract an ideal partner.

My love problem is not specified here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do you charge for a love spell?

Please click on your petition above and it will take you to a form. When you fill it out, you will receive an email from babaylanadlaw@gmail.com with the amount that you have to pay for a love spell. 

The one-time payment will cover all the spiritual offerings that will be used for the one week to one month rituals (depending on the situation/case) such as candles, alcoholic beverages, food, and cigarettes. 

2. Do I have to go to your place?

You don’t have to because I can cast a love spell even if you are living in another country. I only need the full name, date of birth and pictures of the client and the target person. 

3. What do you want me to do while we wait for the manifestation?

I will give you a program that you need to follow. It will help you stay calm and positive while we are waiting for the results.

4. How long does it take for a love spell to work?

It depends on the the situation. Most of the love spells I did produced positive results within one to three months starting from the day I finished the rituals. 

5. Is the effect of love spells permanent?

Once a love spell manifests, it is you and your partner’s responsibility to care for your relationship and for each other. A love spell can only remove all the obstacles so you can have all the opportunities to have a long lasting and satisfying relationship. Don't expect it to do all the work for you. 

6. Can I ask your help even if I am already working with another love spell caster?

No. I don't want us to interfere with one another. I suggest you let that love spell caster finish his/her workings or ask him/her to stop. Only then can I work with you. 

7. Is it safe?

If your intention is pure, you don't have to worry about the consequences. But if you just want your former lover to return for some ulterior motives (e.g. you want to get even with him/her), there will definitely be consequences. If this is your case, I can't help you.

8. Is love spell exclusive for heterosexual type of relationship?

No. Love spells also work miracles for homosexuals.

9. How do I know you are legit?

If you want to know what my clients are saying about me and my services, please go to: https://www.babaylanadlaw.com/search/label/Love%20Spell%20Reviews

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