Effective Counter-Love Spell (Kontra Gayuma)

Do you suspect that either you or your partner could be under the influence of a love spell? Perhaps you've watched a video or consulted a spiritual healer, which has led you to seek remedies to dispel such effects. Before I reveal the natural countermeasures, it's important to understand the real symptoms of love spells and the reasons that can make them potentially harmful. By understanding this, you'll realize that love rituals, in their essence, aren't inherently bad.

What are the signs that a person is under a love spell?

1. There's a sudden change in behavior. For example, they become irritable or distant towards their lover for no clear reason.

2. They neglect themselves. They no longer eat and sleep properly.

3. They often lose themselves. They can't communicate properly because nothing else runs in their mind but the person casting the spell on them.

4. They lose interest in life, causing them to neglect their work and other important aspects of their life.

5. They prefer to be with the person casting the spell on them, even if they do not fully know them or even if this person does not possess the qualities they like.

Are the effects of love spells really harmful?

Keep in mind that a love spell only causes adverse effects on an individual if it is:

1. Done against the person's will. For instance, the spell causes them to experience emotions for the spell caster that they otherwise would not have.

3. The spell was cast without following the proper process. This is why it's crucial not to merely conduct love rituals discovered online, especially if you don't have sufficient understanding of them.

3. Even if the proper process is followed and the person being enchanted feels love or attraction to the spell caster, negative forces may have been summoned, causing negative effects not only on the target but also for the one conducting the ritual.

In short, love spells don't have negative effects if they are done properly and do not control the will of a person. In fact, it can be a means to save relationships or families going through trials.

How to counter the negative effects of a love spell?

There are two simple ways to do this:

1. Add a spoonful of salt to a bucket of water that the suspected victim will bathe in. This is because salt has the inherent ability to negate harmful spells.

2. Have them wear any crystal jewelry (bracelet, pendant or earrings) that has amethyst, black tourmaline or black onyx. These crystals provide protection against witchcraft and even evil spirits.

Nonetheless, if a week or more has passed by without any signs of improvement, it is advisable to seek the help of a skilled spiritual healer. Keep in mind, to effectively break a spell, understanding how it was originally cast is required. Hence, only those with expertise in the casting and countering of spells can accomplish this.

Also remember that there may be other reasons why you or your lover show symptoms of a love spell. If you want to ensure whether you or your lover are really under a love spell, please email me at babaylanadlaw@gmail.com.

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