Gayuma: Meaning and Its Different Types

ano ang gayuma


Many of us think that "gayuma" is a type of liquid that possesses the power to make someone fall in love with or be attracted to another person. However, little do most people know that it is also known as a "love potion," which is just one type of gayuma.

Aside from love potions, what are the other various effective forms of gayuma to attract or influence someone?

Gayuma Using Full Name and Picture

This is a common form of gayuma where the full name or picture of the person to be enchanted is used. The full name of the target is written on a piece of paper and placed under the pillow of the one performing the gayuma. It is believed to be more effective when using a picture. This is done to constantly occupy the mind of the target with thoughts of the one performing the ritual.

Gayuma Through Gaze

There are individuals gifted with the ability to perform rituals solely through their gaze. They simply gaze at a person while focusing on their desired outcome. Some may also recite prayers while doing this.

Gayuma Using Saliva

It is a common belief among Filipinos that placing saliva in someone's food or drink can be a means to win their favor.

Gayuma Using Hair

Hair, nails, clothing, handkerchiefs, and other personal belongings of a person can be used in gayuma rituals. They can be prayed over to bind the person's will and make them do the bidding of the one performing the ritual.

Gayuma Using Perfume

There is now a popular form of gayuma found on the internet. Many claim that it is still practiced by practitioners in Siquijor and Quiapo. According to them, they just have to mix it with their preferred perfume and use it whenever in the presence or proximity of the person they want to attract. It can also be used in business to attract customers.

Apart from the mentioned forms, there are many other methods used in gayuma rituals.

If you are one of those who practice gayuma found on the internet, be cautious as it may have negative effects on you. Some of these include:

☀ Attracting malevolent spirits that will disrupt your life. They may disturb you in your dreams and bring misfortune.

☀ The gayuma you performed may not work and may even have a negative impact. This often happens to beginners in this field.

☀ The effects of the gayuma may backfire. This occurs when the target has protection or seeks the help of a skilled healer.

To avoid negative effects, it is important to follow the proper process, and only those with knowledge and experience in performing rituals should do it.

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