Review: I got the US Visa!

This client of mine is in Rome, a place where he is not a resident, so he didn't expect that he would be able to get his US Visa there. The road opener ritual materialized in just 16 days.

English Translation:

October 9, 2022: I'm having a hard time getting a US Visa to go to America this April. I need to go there for my research which is crucial for my dissertation. If I can't leave, my standing in the University will be in jeopardy as I will be idle for five months. I am surrounded by anxieties brought by visas and living in a place that's not my home.

October 25, 2022: I'm extremely grateful because I've already acquired the US visa! I submitted my application here in Rome, fully aware of the challenges associated with getting approved when applying from a country where one does not reside. In fact, the person ahead of me in the interview was rejected. When it came to me, the interview was quick and easy. And the consular officer is also a scholar of religion like me! I'm thankful to the Lord and for your tremendous help, Tata! You know that. Praying for more blessings, especially as I research and write my dissertation.

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