Review: My husband has improved significantly.

After performing a love ritual (gayuma) for her, the client observes positive changes in her husband's behavior.

English Translation: "Just updating you. Lately, my husband has been kind to me. He spends time with our children, even though he stays at his sibling's place. He makes an effort to pick us up whenever we go out, and takes care of the kids' school needs and his aunt in the province is also looking for me, hoping that I will visit there. According to my best friend, he has improved about 50%, no longer rude when talking to me. I've been sharing my career plans with him, and he's now listening, unlike before when he would dismiss me. Above all, I pray for him every day, offer novenas and light candles in the church. I try to maintain good communication, both in chat and when we're together, and I control my reactions when things bother me. Thank you very much for your help."
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