Review: He's avoiding upsetting me and gradually admitting faults.

"In recent days, we've had frequent misunderstandings, but he's now adept at charming his way out of them. He playfully claims I can't resist him. We dined together with my family, maintaining a civil yet not overly affectionate atmosphere. However, he occasionally has moments where he abruptly accuses me of being the cause of his troubles or claims he can't sleep. When calm, he has no complaints and sometimes does things I like, making sure not to give the impression that he's not prioritizing us. He's gradually learning to admit his mistakes and make amends in various ways. I'm praying that this improvement continues, Tata, with God's mercy and love, and especially with your guidance. I never regret turning to you for advice. I always want to seek your guidance, to the point where I'd opt for daily readings if possible."

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