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Review: Reunion and Future Plans with Partner

"I wanted to update you on recent events. After our last communication in early January, my partner and I had troubles and weren't speaking. I set a deadline for the end of February, ready to focus on self-healing and love if things didn't improve. However, he started communicating again in February. We began talking and resolving issues, and by February 28, he wanted us to reunite, initially leaving my baby out of the picture. I agreed, hoping he'll eventually accept my daughter.

We are now doing well, discussing our future and marriage. Despite home issues, I've decided to stay with my baby, allowing his acceptance to develop naturally.

As a realist, I've considered all possible outcomes. If necessary, could you assist with my daughter and him? If forced to choose, my daughter will always come first.

Thank you for your help and guidance. We wouldn't have progressed this far without you. I hope this email finds you well."

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