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Testimonial of J.P. from Alabang

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I just wanted to fill you in on what has been happening. Before the 2nd week of January soon after I sent you the last update, we we're on the rocks and we're not in speaking terms. I gave myself a timeline until the end of February. I thought to myself, if we won't patch things together, it might be the universe telling me it has better plans for me and I should focus on self healing and self love. Came February, for some reason he started to communicate again. I was adamant but was replying.. we started talking again and eventually making amends of the situation. By the time Feb 28 came, he told me he wanted me back for good. But this time, he wanted us to work things out, just the 2 of us. He said kami daw muna.. I was happy kse the timing was just right. I set a timeline and there he was asking us to mend things and start over again. I was also sad kse he made it clear na kami muna. Out of the picture muna baby ko. I agreed Kasi I know he needed time to heal.. hopefully, he accepts my daughter in the future. So far we're doing very ok.. we started talking about our future, like starting a family and we're currently talking about getting married. I just feel so overwhelmed and happy with how we are right now.. mas open na din Ang communication.. lately, I've been having issues at home (I stay with my mom) he offered na kunin na nya kme Ni baby which was contrary to what we 1st agreed on which is kme muna. I decided na dto Lang kme Ng baby.. I feel na I don't want to rush things with him and the baby.. gusto ko Yung love and acceptance would come naturally in time when his heart is completely ready just like how it was with mine..

I'm a realist kind of person.. so I've anticipated every possible situation.. negative and positive. If in case, would you be able to help me with him and my daughter? But that's just me looking at the worst case scenario. Syempre I'm a mom, and if dadating sa point na he'd ask me to choose between him and my baby. My daughter comes first. I'm willing to sacrifice my happiness for her.

Ang haba nanaman, I just wanted to thank you for all the help and guidance you've given me. We wouldn't have come this far if it wasn't for your help.. hoping this email finds you well and healthy.
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