gayuma rituals

Testimonial from J.Guzman of Manila, Philippines

"I'm not the kind of person who completely believes on the reliability of psychic abilities but just recently, I came to a point wherein I needed someone to help me realize what's wrong with me and what should I do. I needed someone to tell it to me explicitly. However, expressing to others what I truly feel is something I'm not comfortable with so I tend to suppress things within myself. I was so confused and my mind was occupied with negative thoughts before I consulted Kuya Tata. He was able to touch and identify the important issues that bother me since a long time ago, as if he really knew me before. For the first time, I was able to share my problems to another person. He gave me good advices yet he still encouraged me to do what I think is right and what I really want to do. I heard the words and answers I need. I felt and appreciated the honesty and sincerity. After our session, I felt more relaxed and positive. I think I've found a great mentor and a new friend in him. Thank you so much Tata! :)"

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