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Testimonial of Z.D. from Hawaii

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Hi...I'm not sure if u still remember me but I contacted you about a year ago about my ex, and how much I wanted him back .well it took about a year for him to reach out to me after and apologized for the way he hurt me and how he treated me poorly. He ask for forgiveness and wanted a friendship with me .he said he realized that after being diagnosed with a life threatening illness that he realized that I was one of the few people that was genuinely caring and and true person on his life and that I was the one person that he didn't have a wall to when it came to having communication with ..first I was surprised, I didn't know how to react but I couldn't also turned him down for asking a friendship out of me..I care about him and I want to be there for him as he has to battle a fight that who knows where it would take him..I'm at this point where i want to question everything that's happening but I feel like I just need to ride this thing and just see where it both takes us..pls let me know if this is something that is a good idea for me for sometimes I still get clouded with judgement n suspicions..thank u so much.

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