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Testimonial from Leila of California, USA

Words cannot truly express how thankful and grateful I am with your reading. I was enlightened. Hindi ko napigilan malungkot at maluha habang binabasa ko ang iyong reading. Pero sa kabila nuon, nangibabaw ang aking kasayahan dahil para akong nagising sa katotohanan sa mahabang pagkakatulog. Ngayon ko napatunayan at natanggap ang aking mga hinala at saloobin sa loob ng mahabang panahon. I admit that I am so stubborn and don't want to face and accept the reality. Pero ang Diyos ang gumabay at nagturo ng landas tungo sa iyo. He showed me the way towards your direction para ituro mo sa akin ang landas na dapat kong tahakin at ituro rin ang mga bagay na nararapat kong gawin.

Without a second thought and hesitation, I am ready to move on. I know that you will always be there to help me in my healing process, to guide me and finally find my true happiness. I will find the right, faithful and lovable man to be my companion in life one day. I will forever be grateful and appreciate your help and guidance.
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