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Tata Adlaw is a Babaylan and Reiki Master living in the Philippines. He received his gift of precognition when he was 7 years old and have had paranormal experiences since then. Fortunately, he found the courage to understand his abilities and experiences through research and self-study. This gives him the opportunity to use his psychic abilities to help others achieve enlightenment. He was also lucky to received legitimate initiations to become a Reiki Master and Babaylan. He is now enjoying his life with his family and using these gifts for the greater good.


Testimonial from R.R. of Manila

I am so grateful for the time you spent for my reading. I have never felt so much peace since my problem started this year. Thank you very much for the guidance and all the advice. Though not everything in the result is favorable to me, I feel that I am in the right path of healing now. All the questions in my mind were answered with so much hope and assurance that in the days to come, I will be able to surpass all of the hurts and pains and that I can move on with my life and be grateful for all the lessons I've learned.

Thank you very much for explaining all the consequences of some of my concerns and that I should just take everything with calmness and stillness so I can continue to heal. I know your guidance will help me become a happier person as I face all my challenges which I take as blessings to me so I can correct my life.

Thank you very again. You are a blessing to all of us. You are such a wonderful person. God bless you always.

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