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Spiritual Healing Services

There are many different ways of spiritual healing here in the Philippines. The system I used include Pranic healing, Reiki and our very own traditional healing methods such as batak dungan.

Pranic Healing - A no-touch energy healing developed by Choa Kok Sui that utilizes life force (prana) to accelerate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Reiki Healing - A healing method originated from Japan. This is a simple and safe method of healing a person experiencing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.

Batak Dungan - A ritual to set the foundation of a person's physical and spiritual health. When a person's dungan is weak, he or she would be prone to sickness and misfortunes. One of the common ways to do this is by sacrificing a native chicken to bring back the lost dungan of the patient and strengthen it so the patient can withstand illnesses and any form of spiritual attacks. A person's dungan becomes weak or lost when he or she goes through a traumatic experience, is cursed, or a malevolent spirit stole it from him/her.

What is Spiritual Healing and how does this work?

As a spiritual healer, I believe that all physical illnesses begin to manifest in the spiritual body. This is why healing should start from the spirit. Let’s say a person has a heart-related disease. If that person consult a doctor, the medical practitioner will definitely address the physical illness but not the spiritual reasons (e.g. depression) behind the problem. Through spiritual healing, the patient can gain the strength to overcome his or her depression. Since the patient’s depression already manifested in his body, it is best for him to seek medical attention while going through spiritual healing.

A Short Story About My Journey as a Spiritual Healer

I was exposed to traditional healing methods when I was just 7. My lola from my father's side was a manggamot in our village. I still remember the time when she was collecting old "palaspas" from our neighbors so she could create an incense for her "pansuob". She would placed a fire-proof container filled with burning incense under a chair and asked her patient to sit on it, and wrapped the patient's whole body with a loose blanket. She told me that this was her way of removing the illness from the patient's body and the bad spirit that would have caused it. Aside from pagsusuob, she also used a healing oil made from herbs and roots empowered by oracion.

I became the healer our village when she died. And as a respect to her, I am using her methods together with my own style of healing.

I started to heal when I was 16. My mom was diagnosed with coronary heart disease and hypertension and this encouraged me to embrace my gift. Aside from the healing methods I adopted from my lola, I searched for other ways and it is through reading books I achieved that. God not only opened a lot of learning opportunities for me but He also gave me the chance to become a Pranic Healer, Reiki Master and a Babaylan.

The First Time I Healed Someone as a Babaylan

It was a case of a 24 year old man who was said to be “nawawala sa sarili”. According to his mother, he started behaving differently and was acting like he was being possessed by some spirit after killing a large monitor lizard which lived by the seashore where the river and sea meet.

The albularyo or native doctor advised the mother to make sure that the boy is not exposed to any smoke from any burnt parts of the dead monitor lizard. But since the boy was possessed, he was able to influence his mother to burn the dead creature. It was then then that his condition began to worsen. The boy stabbed himself in the stomach which injured his intestines. He was brought to the hospital and was in critical condition.

At this point, the albularyo refused to cure him saying he will resume only after the boy becomes stable and he's released from the hospital. Desperate to prevent his son from further injury, his mother resorted to tying his hands and feet. “Lagi syang nagwawala,” says the mother.

His cousin asked me to heal him at a distance. With the help of my spirit guides or abyan, I was able to restore the child’s diwa and he became normal again.

How to Book a Healing Session

Please email ( me the full name, date of birth, recent picture and the current health condition of the patient so I can perform a diagnosis first. This way I will be able to identify the spiritual healing method I have to use. I can perform the healing ritual at a distance but I am willing to travel to your place if my spirit guides require me to do so.

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