Reiki Attunement - Become a Reiki Master

In the 1920s, Mikai Usui of Japan developed the art of Reiki. The term 'Reiki' derives from two words: "Rei", signifying "Higher Power", and "Ki", representing "life energy". Together, they convey the concept of "spirit-guided life energy."

Reiki not only refreshes the spirit and reduces stress but also promotes self-healing. While Reiki is powerful on its own, it can also complement standard medical treatments, offering enhanced support.

When you practice Reiki, you aren't merely drawing from your own reserves. Instead, you're connecting to a vast and infinite energy source. Thus, as you give a Reiki session, you also receive some of that beneficial energy in return.

Becoming a Reiki Healer and Master

One of the remarkable aspects of Reiki is that it's taught by individuals who have practiced it for many years. They share this knowledge with enthusiastic learners, much like passing down a cherished family recipe. Rest assured, there's no need to alter your beliefs or adopt a new religion to embrace it. It's accessible to everyone, even kids who are curious about it!

Getting started is easy. When you are attuned to 'Level I' Reiki, you can share this healing energy to people close by, to your pets, plants, or even to energize your room with positive vibes. By 'Level II', you can send healing energy to people no matter where they are, and even to situations from the past, present, or future. When you achieve the Master status, 'Level III', you gain the ability to conduct Reiki attunements, helping others connect with the infinite healing energy source.

Ready to feel better and make others feel the same? Dive into the world of Reiki. It's a journey you won't regret.

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