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The lines on your hand say a lot about you.

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3 Major Lines on Your Palm
You can find out your hidden talents and even your future by reading the lines on your hand. The life line doesn’t depict the length of life but instead show the quality of life you may achieve in this lifetime. Your Head Line shows your mental attitude towards life. And your Love Line represents the type of relationships you may have and your emotional life in general.

Let me teach you how to read your hand:

Life Line

Long and deep – It indicates you have a strong and healthy body.
Short and deep – You can easily recover from illnesses.

Short and shallow – You are prone to being influenced and controlled by others.

When there are breaks on your Life Line, it means you will undergo major changes in your life or will suffer a serious illness. Experienced palm readers can identify the estimated year when these major changes occur.

Heart Line

Short or missing – You often behave without much consideration for the feelings of others so you often have conflict with people around you. People who have short or missing heart lines often find it hard to find a companion in life.

Long – If your Heart Line goes beyond the index finger, you're a type of person who does not fall in love easily, but once you do, you give your whole heart to your partner. If this ends between your middle finger and index finger, you are a loving person and have no difficulty expressing your true feelings to others.

Head Line

Long – If your Head Line goes beyond the ring finger, you are considered intelligent and have a good memory. You are also a type of person who thinks carefully before making a decision.

Short – You are a simple person who does not complicate things.
Breaks – You are generally anxious which often makes it hard for you to decide on things.
Missing – This is a sign of laziness and the tendency of not being in touch with reality.

The nuances in meaning of the lines on your hand depend on a variety of factors like length and prominence, and their markings, etc. It is good to invest in books or find a mentor to teach you the complexities of palm reading.

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