Batak Dungan (Babaylan Ritual) | Traditional Healing

A person's dungan (soul) becomes weak, or lost when he/she goes through a traumatic experience, is cursed, or a malevolent spirit stole it from him/her. When this happens, he/she will be prone to never-ending sickness, and misfortunes.

I, as a Babaylan (a.k.a. Filipino Shaman), will perform a traditional offering ritual to retrieve the lost dungan, and strengthen it. This way the patient can withstand any illnesses, and spiritual attacks.

Healing as a Babaylan

It was a case of a 24 year old man who was said to be “nawawala sa sarili”. According to his mother, he started behaving differently and was acting like he was being possessed by some spirit after killing a large monitor lizard which lived by the seashore where the river and sea meet.

The albularyo or native doctor advised the mother to make sure that the boy is not exposed to any smoke from any burnt parts of the dead monitor lizard. But since the boy was possessed, he was able to influence his mother to burn the dead creature. It was then then that his condition began to worsen. The boy stabbed himself in the stomach which injured his intestines. He was brought to the hospital and was in critical condition.

At this point, the albularyo refused to cure him saying he will resume only after the boy becomes stable and he's released from the hospital. Desperate to prevent his son from further injury, his mother resorted to tying his hands and feet. “Lagi syang nagwawala,” says the mother.

His cousin asked me to heal him at a distance. With the help of my spirit guides or abyan, I was able to restore the child’s diwa and he became normal again.

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