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Babaylan Adlaw is a gifted psychic, spiritual healer, and Babaylan who has dedicated his life to guiding and healing people. His journey began at the age of 7 when he predicted a dangerous accident that fortunately spared his family. Since then, he has worked to hone his psychic abilities, which have opened up opportunities for him to help people.

Coming from a family of spiritual healers, Babaylan Adlaw learned the art of healing rituals from his grandmother, who was the community healer. When she passed away, he took up the mantle, offering free healing services to the residents of his community. In addition to his ancestral healing practices, he was initiated as a Reiki Master and Babaylan, which further enhance his healing and magickal abilities.

Currently, Babaylan Adlaw is taking up a pre-medicine course with the aim of becoming a licensed doctor. He wants to apply his scientific knowledge to healing various simple and complex ailments, thereby enhancing his ability to help others. Babaylan Adlaw is deeply committed to healing and helping others, and this is the driving force behind his work as a spiritual healer, Babaylan, and soon-to-be licensed doctor.

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