It all started when someone gave me a deck of oracle cards. At first, I was using it for personal guidance. Years passed by and I decided to give free readings to my neighbors and high school classmates. They said that I was born with this gift because most of predictions were accurate. From then, I never stop learning more about divination and other related stuff.

I came from a family of spiritual healers (from my father's side) and spell casters (from my mother's side). But I was the only one practicing this craft because my siblings and cousins are afraid to delve in the occult. I, too, was afraid at first but my curiosity gives me the courage to continue this journey and further expand my knowledge and skills. And I am lucky to meet amazing people who helped me achieve what I have right now.

I want to show my gratitude to my Creator for giving me this gift by using it to serve my family, friends and other people.


I am currently working as a Digital Marketing Strategist and Consultant. I am spending my leisure time with my son, blogging about self-improvement and relationships and managing my online shop.

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