gayuma rituals

Review: Everything is returning to how it used to be.

The love ritual (gayuma) began to materialize in just 2 months. This client asked for my help for the second time because she was satisfied with the first ritual I conducted for her.

English Translation:

August 11, 2021: I just want to secure our relationship and go back to how things used to be. He is suddenly acting cold and distant. I can't sleep or eat properly because I keep thinking why this is happening. Whenever I ask him about our relationship, he reassures me that everything is fine. However, I have a different feeling. He came back to me because of your help before. I just want to ensure that our previous issue won't happen again.

October 10, 2021: Tata, thank you very much for your help. Two weeks ago, I noticed that everything is returning to how it used to be. Not only that, I also realized and learned many things from the program you gave me. There are things about myself that I need to change, and most importantly, I need to strengthen my faith and trust in God. I am happy now, and we're doing okay.


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