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Review: Thanks to your money spell, I've been blessed abundantly.

"I apologize for the delay in updating you regarding the money spell. I had been too focused on my romantic failures that I became blind to other blessings I received. Since I got the money spell from you, I've been receiving a series of blessings. I know that Mommy is naturally generous to me because I'm her favorite child, but I believe the spells also played a role in the blessings I received. When I got sick in April, Mommy came back to the Philippines to take care of me. She covered half a million in hospital bills and even bought me a new condo, a new car, a PS5, and many other things. I hardly touched my own money as she took care of all the expenses. She even linked her ATM card to my Shopee, Lazada, and Foodpanda accounts so that whatever I want to buy can be charged to her account. By the way, I'm going back to school. I'll be taking an MBA at Ateneo, and Papa will cover my tuition. Tata, thank you so much! To me, you are a true friend."
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Money Ritual

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