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Testimonial of M.P.

Tata Adlaw Reviews

Hi! Thank you po. You're still answering my unending blabber about him. I think its too late na po that me and my best friend stay as friends na. Kaninang 4am, after reading your answers, I was so overwhelmed with your readings na I do not know what happened to me. I started texting and telling him na I think I had to leave na the friendship because it is destroying me as a person. Told him what I really felt. Na he did not reciprocate my feelings even though he knows na mahal na mahal ko sya. Na he left me hanging. And he did respond na he understand daw etc etc and that was it. Wala na. Anyways po, I am hurting right now. But I know malalampasan ko ito. Thank you po for everything. It has opened my eyes to a lot of things na blinded me. God bless po.

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