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Tata Adlaw is a Babaylan and Reiki Master living in the Philippines. He received his gift of precognition when he was 7 years old and have had paranormal experiences since then. Fortunately, he found the courage to understand his abilities and experiences through research and self-study. This gives him the opportunity to use his psychic abilities to help others achieve enlightenment. He was also lucky to received legitimate initiations to become a Reiki Master and Babaylan. He is now enjoying his life with his family and using these gifts for the greater good.


Testimonial from M.G. of Australia

I want to win my ex-lover back. I know that it's not possible after all what happened to us. Before he left me to go back to his country, my ex-lover dated me and talked to me as if we were meeting for the very first time. When he took me home, I told him that I love him and he responded "I love you too" for the first time. I was really happy that time. Thank you so much Tata because you taught me a lot of things and did a ritual that helped me to deal with our situation. I know that this doesn't end here.

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