gayuma rituals

Testimonial from Bella of Bacoor City, Philippines

"Tata was the one who helped me get the justice that I needed. He taught me a ritual para pagtagpuin ulet kami ng ex-boyfriend ko. At first, I wanted him to come back but Tata told me na kapag ipinilit ko, mauulit lang ang mga nangyari. He was able to tell me what I really needed. Through his help, I learned to forgive myself and my ex for what he did. We talked like the old friends we probably should have been. Even if it's hard, I am coping up with my situation. He's my friend for almost three years and I still can't believe that he can do miracles. I have a lot to tell you, but I think that this is enough to let Tata know how I am grateful for this life-changing experience."

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