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The Fire of Kimbanda (Quimbanda)

"Kimbanda is like fire. Its light can guide you through the darkness and lead you to enlightenment. However, if you can’t handle this fire, it can destroy you and ruin your life." ~ Tata Adlaw

When I first started on this path, I was full of fear because of the articles I read about Exu and Pombagira. A lot of these writings associate them to the devil because of the belief that they fuel human desires. Instead of believing this at face value, I chose to seek the truth about this path. I didn’t let my initial fear get in my way.

There were times before that I wanted to give up because of the series misfortunes I was going through. But deep inside me, there’s a force telling me not to quit, that all of this was just a test. I asked my higher self to guide me on this journey and reveal to me the mysteries of Kimbanda. And after five years of incorporating Kimbanda in my spiritual workings, I gained a better understanding of this spiritual path. Today, I am going to share a few lessons I learned.

Exu and Pombagira: Who Are They?

Exu and Pombagira

Exus and Pombagiras are the reflection of our personalities. Therefore, if your heart is pure, rest assured that they will teach you how to do miracles to help you improve yourself and the quality of your life. They will remove the blockages from your path and open the doors of good opportunities to manifest your heart’s desires. But if you use this power to cause destruction around you, their fire will definitely destroy you.

If they fuel human desire, does this mean that we can seek their help to get even with someone?

In this case, we can only ask them to get the justice we deserve. Yes, they do fuel human desires. But this does not mean that they tolerate wrong doings. They, too, comply with the law of karma and maintain the cosmic balance.

How do we treat them?

Respect is very important for Exus and Pombagiras. If you invite them into your life, treat them as if they were human beings. Treat them with respect and you’ll gain their trust and loyalty.

Spirit possession is not a must in Kimbanda. You are not allowed to do this if you are not initiated in this path. If you insist to do this out of curiosity or stubbornness, again, be ready to be consumed by their fire.

Kimbanda is not for everyone

I know a lot of people who entered the realm of Kimbanda but didn’t continue the practice. Through their experience, I saw the destruction that this path can cause to people who only use the fire for their selfish motives. So if you are thinking of walking on this fire, ask yourself first why you want to do so. Don’t just believe everything your read in books, articles your read in the Internet, or the possession of the mediums you watch on YouTube. Most of these are misleading because a true Kimbandero will never readily reveal the true secrets of Kimbanda to just anyone. And most importantly, seek guidance from a Tata or a Yaya who is willing to teach you the basics.

I am lucky enough to have met several Tatas (high priests of Kimbanda) who guided me on this path when I was starting in this practice. And I am also grateful to Exu Capa Preta, Pombagira Dama da Noite and Exu Tiriri who never refuse to give me good advice and help me whenever I need them.
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